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Ravaged, you are also reborn. (12th Dec 22 at 6:40am UTC)
Ravaged, you are also reborn.
Ravaged by hearing straight swallow saliva, but the face is still as cold as ever, "so, you and silver instrument marriage after us." Qing Shi smiled, "Thank you!" As he spoke, he mysteriously took out two pamphlets from his bosom and handed them to Zhurong. "Sir, did you look for the one the prince gave you in the study last night?" Qing Shi said this, looking quite romantic, "I have two better ones here!" Ravaged by a glance, leisurely took over, into the bosom. Chapter 109 Baoer recognizes his ancestors. North of the city Ye Fu, Ye Rumeng has been sleeping. In the bedroom of the main room, Ye Changfeng warmed his body outside the bas-relief Nanmu screen of wind, flowers, snow and moon, and went to bed quietly except for his coat. Lin Shi was lying on her side facing inside. He hugged her gently from behind Lin Shi. Lin Shi was sleeping soundly. He asked in a daze, "Are you back?" "Mmm." Ye Changfeng took a cool hand and put his big palm on Lin's plump lower abdomen. Yah. Lin called out in a low voice, "kick me." "Mmm." Ye Changfeng gently stroked, through the thin clothes, he could feel their child moving, it was very lively. Lin closed his eyes and murmured, "I know it's Dad." "Mmm." Lin Shi opened her eyes and turned her head slightly sideways. She felt that Ye Changfeng today seemed to be somewhat different. After a while, she propped herself up, and Ye Changfeng helped her up. "Get up at night?" "Mmm." Ye Changfeng got up hurriedly and took his coat from the carved hanger to put it on her. He whispered,push back racking system, "You get up more and more frequently at night now. Why don't you move the bucket in at night?" Lin was a little ashamed. He put on his coat and covered his stomach tightly. "I'd better go to the clean room. Let's talk about it in two months." Ye Changfeng carefully helped her pull her long hair. "I'll move it over tomorrow night. Now it's cold, and I'm too lazy to run to the clean room in the middle of the night." "Husband, you don't get up at night." Lin said with a smile, because of the pregnant body, the original slightly pointed chin has become a little plump. Rouer, thank you for your hard work. Ye Changfeng suddenly sighed, he looked at his wife's face filled with happiness, heart like a knife, he is really a useless man,teardrop pallet racking, he simply can not protect her. Lin said with a gentle smile, "How could it be? I don't work hard at all. I just want to add a son and a daughter to my husband and a younger brother and sister to Mengmeng.". It was hard for my husband to accompany me in the middle of the night. As she spoke, she gave him a slightly mischievous peck on the chin. She couldn't sleep well in the middle of the night, but she made up for it in the daytime. Her husband was on duty in the daytime, and she saw his hard work in her eyes. Ye Changfeng helped her out of bed, but muttered like a child, "After giving birth to this, I won't give birth to it anymore." Hearing this, Lin covered his mouth and laughed, then touched his stomach again, for fear that his stomach would catch cold. The next day, Ye Rumeng got up a little late. In fact, she had already woken up, but it was very cold today, and she got up early, so she had to have breakfast with Ye Changfeng. After what happened last night, she didn't dare to face Ye Changfeng, automated warehouse systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, so she stayed in bed for more than half an hour on the pretext of cold weather and fell asleep again. After Ye Rumeng got up and finished his breakfast, he stayed in the room, teasing and playing, and did not dare to go out. But what should come will come, and after a while Mammy Gui came to send a message, saying that Ye Changfeng had asked her to go to the small study. Ye Rumeng heart perturbed, trembling to the small study, see Ye Changfeng sitting on the beech armchair behind the book case by the cirrus cloud, his face is not happy or sad, Ye Rumeng is even more nervous. As soon as she stepped into the threshold, Ye Changfeng opened his mouth and said, "Close the door." After Ye Rumeng closed the door, he took a few steps forward and knelt down in front of the book case. He bowed his head and said, "Dad, Mengmeng was wrong. He let Dad down." She really has no face to see her father. But When she saw him, she couldn't help it. Whatever he wanted to do, she seemed unable to refuse him. By this time, she had some understanding of the girl Liu Liu who had eloped with the boy, and when she fell in love, she could not help herself.
"Dad asked you, do you really not like Song Huaiyuan?" Ye Rumeng didn't expect Ye Changfeng to ask this question. He was stunned for a long time before he bit his lip and answered, "Actually, Brother Song is very good, but he is so good that he is almost perfect. My daughter always feels that he is a little far away from me. It's very unreal. It's like the person in the painting. You can touch him, but you can't touch him.". My daughter felt that I was not worthy of Big Brother Song. Ye Rumeng told the truth. Ye Changfeng did not speak, in the final analysis, just less contact, that Song Huaiyuan abide by etiquette and keep a distance from her, so as a gentleman, but lost to a shameless disciple! "You really like him?" Ye Changfeng asked with some reluctance. Ye Rumeng bit his lip and nodded to Ye Changfeng's stern face. Whoever he is? Ye Rumeng frowned. As for his identity, she guessed that he should be a dark guard. The dark guard beside the prince was a man licking blood on the tip of a knife. If she wanted to marry him, her father would not agree. Thinking of this, Ye Rumeng said firmly, "Dad, no matter who he is, my daughter likes him." Ye Changfeng was silent. Dad, "Ye Rumeng asked in a small voice," you're not. Do you agree? Ye Changfeng stared, "did he tell you I agreed?" Ye Rumeng is stupefied, also stare big eye, "you, you did not agree?" He lied to her? Ye Changfeng held his breath in his heart, "I agree!" Ye Rumeng breathed a sigh of relief and immediately smiled, "Thank you, Dad!"! Dad, don't worry, in the future we. Ye Rumeng bowed his head, a little shy, "we will certainly honor you and your mother in the future." Ye Changfeng felt chest tightness, really suffocating. If his daughter did not like Lord Rong, he could still fight for it, but looking at her daughter like this, it was obvious that she was dead set on him. Dad,radio shuttle racking, there's one thing my daughter doesn't quite understand. "Say." Ye Changfeng raised his hand and asked her to get up. Ye Rumeng got up and asked cautiously in a low voice, "He said he was the prince's man."? Then why did he assassinate the prince? Ye Changfeng hesitated for a moment. "Did he say anything to you?" Ye Rumeng shook his head, "I didn't know he was a prince until yesterday." People like him should not be able to expose their identity casually.
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