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Chen Qingyun's Black (12th Dec 22 at 12:29am UTC)
Chen Qingyun's Black
Xiqing gave a cry and said, "Go out and turn to the right." Ding Hao staggered to his feet. He staggered out of the room and turned to the small room in the right corner. Seeing that Xiqing had not followed him, he quickly took out the poison beads and put them in his mouth. After cleaning his hands, he suddenly felt his mind was clear. Heart suddenly understand that the other side in the wine to do the hands and feet, not from the heart of life and death. Why did Xiqing secretly poison the wine? Is it Zheng Sanjiang's instruction? But the reason can not be justified, Zheng Sanjiang did not know his true face, he did not signal when he left, and both to plan their own, but do not have to find their own hands to others? The problem still lies in Xiqing. At the sound of footsteps, Ding Hao hurriedly took out the "poison beads" and hid them. Then he pretended to stagger out of the door and met Xiqing head-on. Xiqing's face changed slightly and he smiled unnaturally. "Is it all right, brother?" He asked. Ding Hao drunk eyes hazy tunnel: "Not bad." You can't drink any more! Xiqing choked and said, "Brother, please go back to your seat and use some soup to relieve the hangover." Ding Hao mind electricity turn, at present can not attack, and mixed into the castle to say. Try to find out the intention of the other side again slowly, then smiled, way: "Good!"! OK With a staggering step, he returned to the table. Xiqing quickly followed him in and said shyly, "Did you have a good time, brother?" Ding Hao laughed and said drunkenly, "Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself. I've always been self-disciplined not to drink too much wine. Wine is the most harmful. Today, I feel your hospitality. I drank a few more cups. It's okay. I didn't make a fool of myself. Your capacity for liquor,Warehouse storage racks, I might as well drink a few more cups and sit with you!" Xiqing's face twitched a few times and she said, "I've had too much. Can I go on my way, brother?" "Probably not a problem!" "We'll go back to the castle overnight so that the castle owner won't hang around." "Is it a long way?" "It's not close. Change horses halfway and you can get there at dawn!" "All right, let's go!" "Xiqing" handed over his account on the counter, and then left the shop with Ding Haoyang. It was already dusk, and the street was lit up with wandering lights. Not long after leaving the city, his men had prepared two horses and waited by the side of the road. The two of them got on the horses and were led by Xiqing. They galloped and ate a little in the middle of the night. Someone brought two horses and transferred to the road. In the twilight of the morning, Mochizuki Castle was already in sight. Ding Hao's eyes swept across the desolate wilderness, remembering the scene when he was beaten to death,Narrow aisle rack, abandoned to die in the wilderness, and was taught by Shen Gang, the "smoke and cloud guest". Enmity and hatred ran through his veins, and he thought to himself, "The day of debt has come.". Looking around, he galloped to the front of the castle. This sad place was the place he knew best, but he pretended to be a stranger and looked left and right. He dismounted and entered the fort side by side with Xiqing. As soon as he entered the castle gate, Zheng Sanjiang came out with a smile. For most people, this is a rare honor, but Ding Hao's heart is bleeding at the moment. He thought of his mother who had been humiliated and died in vain, and he still did not know where the bones went. He tried to suppress the mood of the explosion, forced a smile, turned quickly, folded his fists and said: "I dare not be the Lord of the castle to greet!" The Lord of Mochizuki Castle returned the salute with a series of loud smiles and said, "What are you talking about? Dongqing Huiran has joined us and added a lot of glory to this castle. There are many places to rely on in the future. Please!" Said sideways solemn guest. Ding Hao hurriedly said, "Please, Pallet rack upright ,long span shelving, Lord of the castle. How dare you overstep your authority!" "So we walk side by side!" "Please!" Entering the living room, after a burst of humility, the Lord of Mochizuki Castle sat at the head, Ding Hao and Xiqing sat on their sides, and the servants offered tea. The Lord of Mochizuki Castle opened his mouth leisurely and said, "After a short pause, I will summon the people in the castle to introduce Dongqing and correct the position of Dongqing." Ding Hao bowed and said, "I really don't deserve such love!" "There, I think I wronged Dongqing!" "It's even more unworthy to say that!" The two sides chatted for a while. An old man in a black shirt, who looked like Weisuo, appeared at the door of the hall. He saluted respectfully and said, "Please ask the castle owner to move to the hall." "Is everyone here?" "All have gathered to wait!" The Lord of Mochizuki Castle stood up, pointed to Ding Hao, and said, "This is the'Purple Smoke Guest. 'We have hired him as the'East Minister.'".
"As he spoke, he pointed to the old man in black." "This is He Jingyang, the manager of this castle!" Ding Hao got up and exchanged words with He Jingyang. Then a line of four people, step to the hall. Ding Hao has an indescribable taste in his heart, and now he is playing a wonderful play with his enemies. Into the hall, I saw a dark head, straight to the outside of the hall, in the hall on both sides, more than a row of about 20 seats, in the middle of a long table behind a tiger skin high-backed chair. The Lord of Mochizuki Castle stood still after he arrived at the case. Ding Hao, at the signal of "Xiqing", separated the two sides of the case. All the people stood in silence. The Lord of Mochizuki Castle glanced at the master disciples inside and outside the hall. Then he raised his hand and said, "Please sit down." Standing in front of the chair, two rows of more than ten important people bowed in unison and then sat down. Those in the front and outside the hall had no seats. After saluting, they still stood in silence. Ding Hao's eyes slowly swept the hall of people, most of them are new faces, it seems that the castle above the main characters, there has been a great change. The first seats on both sides are the Venerable of Hell and the Ethereal Real Man, followed by the Medicine King and the Chess Idiot, both of whom are Dharma Protectors; the following are the masters of the Hall Leader. Some seats are empty, I think they are not in the castle. The rest will have no time to recognize. The Lord of Mochizuki Castle introduced the above masters one by one, and then officially announced the appointment of'Purple Smoke Guest 'as Dongqing. When said "purple smoke guest" three words, all senior figures, all cast Ding Hao with surprised eyes, no one has ever heard of such a number one figure in Jianghu. Ding Hao, of course, does not care about their reaction, he is coming for a reason, the drunken man's intention is not wine. At the end of the announcement, He Jingyang, the general manager, ordered all the subordinate disciples to meet in the East Chat Hall, and then dispersed. Those above the head of the hall remained in the hall, and Ding Hao sat down on the chair beside the table. The Lord of Mochizuki Castle briefly described the process of Ding Hao's employment, and everyone's expression changed with the voice. After the altar was scattered, Ding Hao was placed in a fine house in the outer castle under the guidance of He Baoyang. At noon, a banquet was held in the castle to welcome Ding Hao. Ding Hao and "Xiqing",Drive in racking system, the four Dharma protectors, accompanied the castle city to sit in the chief, and the rest took their seats according to their status.
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