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Tianxin is angry (8th Dec 22 at 12:55am UTC)
yuan Renhuang didn't mind, but someone was annoyed. This man, of course, is the minister of the Ministry of Rites and the civil servants. When the two officials of the Yellow Gate were about to read out the award, all the civil servants, headed by the Minister of Rites, came out and bowed down, playing the Millennium Etiquette of the Thunderbolt Gate Chaos Empire. The law was that the first offender committed a capital crime, and the second offender was banished to make an example of others, so that everyone in the Empire would observe the etiquette. Emperor yuanren narrowed his eyes slightly, and the military commanders stood in silence when they heard the words. The left and the right felt big, and secretly scolded these rigid guys. They didn't look at the enemy, not to mention that the Thunderbolt Gate had just made a great contribution, but there was no great contribution. If they rushed to the 180 level immortals, everything would be dumb. Moreover, the relationship between the clan and the empire is the relationship between the small princes and the central Dynasty. This kneeling ceremony must be willing, otherwise even the emperor can not be forced. Your Majesty, the people of this clan in the mountains, always get together when they like to get together, and disperse when they don't agree. They never dare to talk about other people's life and death. In the court today, if the ceremony is not appropriate, someone will want to cut off the head of this clan. Is this clan's head good, or the cunning rabbit dies, the running dog cooks, the war stops, this clan should die. The heart of sharp words said, glanced at the minister of the Ministry of rites,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, yuanren emperor heart horror, left phase, right phase horror, the front row of martial arts horror, because the heart of the eyes staring at the minister of the Ministry of rites is to see the dead eyes, needless to say, one hundred and eighty immortals can kill machine has moved. On the contrary, the minister of the Ministry of Rites was not afraid of the eyes of Tianxin and retorted, "Everything should be done with courtesy, so as to achieve the majesty of a country.". If everyone is rude,Agate Slabs Countertops, regardless of class, the following chaos, the country will not be the country, the monarch will not be the monarch, the minister will not minister, this is the beginning of the empire chaos, I am in charge of etiquette and law, how dare you and other warriors mess up the court etiquette, and you ignore the court program, no respect for your majesty, how can you not be severely punished. Without punishment, the empire's eternal inheritance will be ruined. "Bullshit, I hate those who educate most in my life.". One word of courtesy is in one heart. If one heart is absent, no matter how much body language there is, it's just a thief of courtesy. With a sneer and a light move in his right hand, Tianxin took the jade in the hands of the two officials of the Yellow Gate into his palm. After reading the contents, he smashed it in the palace and smashed it. He pointed to the minister of the Ministry of Rites and went back to the head of Emperor yuanren. "There are such people who don't know the true meaning of etiquette, and there are such people who don't know that equality can bind the world. The emperor is getting farther and farther away from the people, and the emperor is getting more and. If this prostration and kneeling ceremony is not voluntary, Agate Slabs For Sale ,White Marble Slabs, only those who seek profits will do it intentionally, breaking their waists and knees, and being servile and flattering. Unexpectedly, it has become the rule of the court system, and those who do not do it will be sentenced to death. For such a long time, I should see that the empire no longer has a body to stand up, no longer has a bloody upward, I can expect that one day the empire will be captured by a foreign surname, and the emperor will be the emperor of the subjugated country. "You are a heresy," the minister of the Ministry of Rites exclaimed. Heresy, heh heh, I won't say it today. Holding the sharp sword of the sky, I will prove the direction of the road for the empire. "The heart of heaven laughs." Although I respect life, I won't be silent when someone wants to pick my head. You, die! Let everyone know that those who want to kill will always be killed. The heart of heaven lightly pointed out that above the hall, the minister of the Ministry of Rites fell down, and the immortal energy of one hundred and thirty levels disappeared. It took a long time for Emperor yuanren and all the military generals and civil servants in the palace to react. You You, "the left and the right are very angry.". In the first episode, the Star comes out. Chapter 284, the creation of the heart becomes a thief. Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:13:24 Words in this chapter: 7568 I Me? What me? The heart of heaven lightly swept the left and the right, and Chao yuanren said, "I know all about the award of the emperor.". I should stay in the imperial capital, and then go to the post. Eat your salary and be loyal to you. This farewell, see the emperor is not easy. Therefore, there is a word that has to be said, the emperor has been sitting in the palace for three hundred years, your Highness's minister is also the minister of that year, so old do not retreat, new blood does not come, the way of the empire's prosperity has been blocked. The second solution is to reduce the term of office of each emperor to fifty years, and to replace a group of new ministers every twenty years. At this point, the emperor made his own decision. Take your leave. In the clangorous voice, a burst of brilliance flashed, and the heart of heaven and the eleven sons of Thunderbolt on the temple of the emperor had disappeared. Things happened so intensely that it took a long time for the silence and tension in the palace to ease.
Left and right looked at the dark and uncertain yuanren Emperor in the hall and shouted in a loud voice, "Your Majesty.." "Prince yuan will stay for dinner, and the rest of the ministers will retire temporarily. I'm very tired today and need a rest!" The officer of the Yellow Gate stepped forward and shouted, "Back to the court!" The darkness before the dawn, the calm before the huge waves, the dark waves of the imperial capital are turbulent. Tianxin and the eleven sons of Thunderbolt went out of the palace gate and strolled along the pedestrian road of the imperial capital, where green trees and red flowers competed for beauty. From time to time, the shadows of people coming and going flashed in the clear sky. Near and far, the peaks of thousand-storey skyscrapers stood up, shining golden light in the sunlight. Boss, what is the emperor's reward for our Thunderbolt Gate? The eleven sons of Thunderbolt have been following Tianxin for a long time, and they have long been familiar with Tianxin's behavior. Therefore, except for the prudent Thunderbolt Zhao, the ten sons of the capital are only concerned about their next foothold. Red Gorge River System. The heart of heaven is light and authentic. Depend on, "Thunderbolt Zhou Wen Yan a stagger, spurt out a fierce breath," I knew nothing good would happen! This kind of award is equivalent to no. Idiots all know that most of the Red Gorge River System is still in the hands of the Wuzun Empire. The old emperor is using our Thunderbolt Gate as a big mallet, thinking that one mallet can hammer the Red Gorge River System. "Mallet, a good noun." Tianxin smiled. " The eldest brother. Although the matter of the Imperial Palace today feels endless, it seems that there will be endless trouble in the future. "Thunderbolt Zhao Mu now looks worried and whispers." Second brother, don't worry. "The heart of heaven shines across the sky." The matter of the Imperial Palace is just the beginning. It just shows the rules of life of our Thunderbolt Gate. The great storm is far behind. " At this point, Tianxin paused. You are already members of the Thunderbolt Clan with your heads on your heads. Be prepared for the storm. During the stay in the imperial capital, as long as you do not cause trouble, someone dares to come to provoke. Give him back three times as much. "That's easy for you to say, boss." With a bitter face, Thunderbolt Zhou said,White Marble Mosaic, "I am now an immortal of level 32. If any one of the sects in the imperial capital comes to me, it will make me lose my fur. If I return him three times, I will return him one third of the time. I will laugh." It's good to know! So don't go looking for trouble. Tian Xin Yin Yin said with a smile.
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