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Hormone trap (2nd Dec 22 at 12:37am UTC)
As the protagonist of the banquet, Shi Jun needs to personally greet all the guests present, polite words over and over again, other people's congratulations are actually not worth celebrating. A little tired of social intercourse, came to smoke and relax, smoked two cigarettes, saw Zhou from the glass in the middle of the lounge, paused, stubbed out the cigarette and came over. When Xiang Yi didn't get through, Zhou muttered in a low voice and sent him a message: "Do you have anything to do in the evening? Come and pick me up." After waiting a few minutes without a reply, she put her phone away and poured a cup of tea. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of someone pushing the door and coming in. She ignored it and drank water by herself. When Jun walked to her side, hesitated for a moment and said, "If you don't want to socialize, go back first. This occasion is not without you." "How can you leave without drinking the toast from your new wife?" Zhou hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled with a hint of sarcasm. Not being present at her stepson's engagement party would inevitably leave people with something to say, and if she could, she would like to be out of sight. Shi Jun seemed to be really tired, not as aggressive as usual, nor did he argue with her. He took out a bunch of keys from his pocket and handed them to her. The key to the house. You've been trying to take it. On Monday, he put down his teacup and looked up at him. When Jun slightly lowered his eyes,DIN screw plug, his expression was hard to distinguish: "It will be your own territory in the future. Are you happy?" "Of course." Zhou took the key and smiled at him. Shi Jun said nothing more and turned to leave. Zhou sat down, looked down at the key in the palm of his hand, raised his head for a long time, and just looked at her two eyes-on the other side of the clean glass, Miss Zhong was looking at her, her face could not see the emotion, but probably had already seen the scene just now. Looking at each other for a few seconds,alloy die casting, Zhou smiled slightly. Zhong Nianwei looked at her and smiled back, with a look of politeness and alienation. Chapter 28 Coming out of the lounge, Zhong Dong and his wife were just a few steps away. Mrs. Zhong was dressed in a lavender brocade cheongsam, with a graceful figure and elegant temperament. Pei Shiman, who was talking to her beside her, had a bad life on her face, and looked even worse than Mrs. Zhong, who was ten years older than her. Zhou sometimes sympathizes with the stepdaughter. Pei Shiman and Zhong Nianwei are good friends, and the only similarity between them is that they are not close to their fathers because of their divorce and remarriage. The difference is that Pechmann is more stupid-when Mr. yuan divorced his ex-wife, Pechmann was already an adult, but in a fit of pique, he chose to change his mother's surname and break off contact with his father. She blamed her parents' divorce on Zhou, and once laid down her harsh words: If she doesn't get out of the yuan family on Monday, she won't recognize her father for a day. Even in the days when Mr. yuan was seriously ill, Steel investment casting ,non standard fasteners, he seldom asked about it. The last part of the family property left to her is already benevolent, but Pei Shiman is not willing to rob her of what she deserves, especially recently, her husband's family is facing bankruptcy due to poor management, and the tricks behind it are becoming more and more frequent. But she is really stupid ah, in the end is what kind of intelligence quotient, will come up with to find a man who looks like Lu Jiahe to seduce her this bad idea, the point is to find such a silly. Zhou Chao they walked over, feeling under the heart, looking for Xiang Yi is better than Qian Jiasu. When Pechmann saw her coming, his smiling face changed and his eyes wrinkled into triangles. She was not beautiful, but her expression was so distorted that she looked even uglier. Zhou came over with a smile and said hello to Zhong Dong and Mrs. Zhong. Just as they were greeting each other, Zhong Niantong, dressed in a light green dress, jumped out of nowhere and took Zhou's arm very kindly. Hello, Aunt Zhou. The girl switched her address very freely, and Zhou glanced at her little tender hand in the crook of her arm and kept a decent smile. Mrs. Chung wondered when they had become so close. She frowned slightly and was about to say something when Zhong Niantong said clearly, "Mom and Dad, Aunt Zhou is going to invite me to a concert. Next weekend, I'll report to you first." She just said she could give her some tickets, okay. The little girl was very scheming, and Zhou continued to smile. Whose concert is it? Pechmann smiled lovingly to one side.
Zhong Niantong had a bad relationship with her half-sister, so she was not very friendly to her best friend. She glanced at her a little coldly. Because her parents were on the side, she answered her question: "Lu Jiahe." Peichman's face became a little strange in an instant, and he looked at Zhou subconsciously. Zhou didn't give her a look. "You only know how to play," Mrs. Chung disagreed. "The final exam is coming, and you should review at home." Zhong Niantong immediately acted like a spoiled child to Zhong Dong: "Dad ~ ~ ~" Zhong Dong said with a smile, "If you want to go, let her go. Relax. It's just an exam. Don't be too nervous.". We are so smart that we don't need so much hard work. Turning to Zhou Dao, "Pupil Pupil is naughty. Please take care of Mrs. yuan." Zhou shrugged his eyebrows, and at this point, he could only answer. After the engagement ceremony, the two families had to sit down to eat together. It was already night when they finished. Zhou put on his coat and came out. As he walked towards the parking lot, he looked down at his mobile phone. Xiang Yi sent her a message saying that it was already an hour ago. He was busy with social activities and didn't look at his cell phone. I didn't expect him to wait so long. Zhou hurriedly called him back, but after a few rings, she had already seen her car parked not far away, as well as the people reclining in the car, and immediately hung up the phone and walked quickly over. Holding a cigarette in his mouth, Xiang Yi lowered his head and did not know what he was thinking. When he heard the footsteps, he raised his head and stared at her from behind the smoke, but did not move. Zhou was almost blinded by the wind, and the last few steps were running past, bumping directly into him. Xiang Yi's hand was taken out of his pocket, and Xu Xu gave her a hand. How did you know I was here? Zhou has now formed a habit of seeing him unzip his jacket without saying a word,CNC machining parts, circle his waist, and stick his whole body to his warm body. Have you been waiting long, poor thing? She looked up at Xiang Yi and scratched his chin with a smile.
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